SPG Protection for Nigel Llong? :p



After his second wrong decision against Sachin Tendulkar, the Intelligence Bureau has sent a report to the Home Ministry warning them about a possible threat of life to the English umpire. The English Cricket Board in turn has requested the government of India to provide an SPG cover to Llong.
The reader’s must know that after his controversial decision that dismissed Sachin on 7th Nov, Llong today gave another wrong decision dismissing Tendulkar’s leg before appeal and raised controversy. The IB has reportedly tracked some FB and Twitter updates from Sachin’s Fan Club declaring a fatwa against the umpire.
Meanwhile, the politics has also begun over the issue and both major political parties have started a war of words. In his recent political rally in Bahraich in U.P, Gujrat Chief Minister and BJP’s Prime Minister candidate, Narendra modi has blamed it on Congress saying, “Congress party is playing vote bank politics by hurting the feelings of the people” Whereas Congress general secretary, Digvijay SIngh has replied on Modi’s comment saying, “Nigel Llong had attended the Nagpur shakha of the RSS, Modi should comment on it”
Even as Sachin himself stayed away from the controversy and remained silent, congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said, “My mother had tears in her eyes when she saw Llong’s decision”



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