:p Love Marriage illegal, prostitution legal: SC

Supremely Bizarre Court of India

Supremely Bizarre Court of India

India  is just about to earn the sobriquet ‘country of Ironies’ . After Marital Rape has been justified in recent amendments while Gay Sex declared illegal by the Supreme Court, Faking news has now learnt that while hearing different petitions the apex court has declared Love Marriages illegal and ruled Human Trafficking as a non criminal act.

Much akin to the eccentricities of the Indian judicial system, these two new rulings have come as a shock to thousands of Indian citizens. But the apex court judges and the beneficiaries of these decisions have their reasons ready to rationalize the judgments.

“Love Marriage is against the age old traditions of all the religious communities and it was also unconstitutional during the times of Aurangzeb and Mohammad Bin Tughlaq, hence it should be illegal in the modern Indian society too’ said Mr. C Katana representing the khap panchayats which have filed the petition in SC against love marriages.

Whereas Kah Ke Lunga representing the Brothel Association of India who is the beneficiary of the verdict legalizing prostitution told us, “Its a milestone verdict. It will grow opportunities among the youth, increase India’s revenue and attract tourism. This would benefit the economy, the exports and the foreign currency reserve of our country.” On being asked whether he doesn’t find the flesh trade unethical? Mr. Lunga replied, “No its not unethical at all, it is just consensual sex two people have.”




Just Kidding :p


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