Bio: Gaurav Tripathi is an ex-Army Officer, a former journalist and a freelance writer, blogger and film maker. He is the member of the Film Writer’s Association and has written screenplays for a few short films. He has done his Post Graduate Diploma in Film, Television and Digital Video Production from the Xavier’s Institute of Communication and also holds PG Diploma in Military Studies and Defense Management. Before joining the prestigious Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, Gaurav worked as an Education and Wildlife correspondent in the Times of India, Kanpur. While pursuing his Bachelor of Science from Kanpur University, he managed his work and education so well that in spite of being a rookie in journalism and without any professional training as a journalist, Gaurav bagged his first byline in just a month after joining the TOI. Along with writing, his passions include Photography and Films. Not only has he written and directed a few short films and documentaries but also he has worked as a production manager and assistant director in feature films in Kanpur and Mumbai. His writing works vary in genre and style and his stories have the flavors of drama, satire, comedy, political and social issues etc. Apart from short stories and screenplays, Gaurav writes satire for Faking News.com, he is also a poet and most of his poems and couplets are written in Hindi.

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